WHILL launches Model M – New personal electric vehicle redefines mobility for wheelchair users

WHILL, the leader in intelligent personal electric vehicles (EVs), presents its new FDA-cleared vehicle, the Model M, at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

Whill, January 4, 2017

The Model M features patented omni-wheel technology to tackle tough terrain outside, while its compact shape and nimble steering easily navigate tight spaces. Designed by automotive engineers, the Model M drives like a premium electric vehicle, distancing itself from antiquated power wheelchairs and scooters designed decades ago.

“The wheelchair industry has seen very little innovation in design and technology,” said Sugie Satoshi, CEO of WHILL. “Our user-centric approach has helped us craft an innovative vehicle that empowers the disabled community to enjoy their newfound freedom. Our customers drive the Model M with a smile on their face and are excited to enjoy the outdoors in ways that were previously inaccessible using standard power wheelchairs.”

With a simplistic design and advanced technology, the Model M provides high-quality mobility in a versatile way. With four-wheel drive, patented front omni-wheel technology and a three-inch obstacle clearance, the Model M easily moves along rough terrain, like pebbles, wood chips and branches, and within small spaces due to its tight turning radius. These are examples of the incredible maneuverability that the Model M allows, providing users with a liberating, mobile and active lifestyle.

WHILL has not only created a unique personal electric vehicle for disabled users, but also multi-faceted software that can evolve as the autonomous driving industry becomes more integrated with smart cities and the connected home. The company is exploring plans to release a new product lineup in the future, including a mobile app that will wirelessly sync with all personal EV products to help prevent accidents and ensure safer navigation.

With these types of automatic features fully enabled, WHILL’s line of personal EV products will truly become smart driving assistants for both disabled and non-disabled users. Possible use cases include calling for help in an emergency, remembering where it is parked if the passenger forgets and even stopping if unsafe conditions are detected. Additionally, the company is working on developing a sophisticated network of personalized sensors to deliver real-time stats to users and caregiver, including pulse rate and respiratory rate during all activities, to monitor the user’s wellness.

Source Whill

Maneuver the World. WHILL Model M doesn’t hold you back, it powers you forward. With simplistic beauty and revolutionary design, Model M provides mobility in a versatile, stylish and unobtrusive way. WHILL US, YouTube Mar 21, 2016

San Carlos, CA-based WHILL Inc.’s new model Ci redefines the ergonomics and improves the functionality of a wheelchair in a number of new ways. Thanks to a powerful battery, the wheelchair can punch through a 10 mile (16 km) range at 5 mph (8 kph). It’s designed for different terrains, handling obstacles up to 2” (5 cm) in height thanks to its two powerful motors and large front omni-wheels. The device is controlled via a joystick, but can also be manipulated remotely via Bluetooth and an iPhone App. The app can also be made to share its location, providing the live location of a person using the wheelchair to family members or other caretakers.

Source MedGadget

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