The best Nike shoes for women on Zappos, according to hyper-enthusiastic reviewers

Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here).


By The Editors, The Strategist – New York Magazine May 16, 2019

And while we’ve written about the best shoes for women before — including comfortable shoes for travel and being on your feet all day, shoes for working out and running, and even water shoes — here, we’ve rounded up the best Nike shoes for women, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Zappos.

Best-rated (and least expensive) women’s Nike shoes

Nike Benassi JDI Slide
4.7 stars, 1,084 reviews
“This is the perfect price for a quick, summer slip-on slide shoe that’s also cute,” raves one reviewer, and many more are fans of the affordable and stylish sandal. “The minute I put my feet into these shoes I felt like I was walking on a cloud — no joke,” writes a happy reviewer. Another adds, “My feet breathe and are so comfortable in these.” They also come in handy in a variety of situations. One reviewer calls them “great shoes to slip on in a hurry to go to the store or take out the trash. They could even be great after a pedicure or during a day of swimming.” Another says, “I travel a lot so these are perfect airport shoes with some socks so I can slip them off and not touch the nasty ground, and perfect for post-workouts, too.”

Even at the low price point, they’re very durable and supportive. A reviewer who wears them while standing on hardwood floors all day says they “provide adequate arch support and are very comfortable.” One reviewer explains, “although I got mine a little over a year ago and wear them mostly everyday, they still are in such great condition,” and another notes, “they are well made and hold up to regular washing by hand in the sink with a little dish soap.” With hundreds of positive reviews, it’s not surprising that this reviewer declares, “it’s atrocious that not everyone owns these! They’re awesome. Buy them, you won’t regret it”

$20 at Zappos
And now for some micro-picks of every type of women’s Nike shoes you might be looking for
Best women’s Nike walking shoes

Nike Tanjun
4.7 stars, 952 reviews
“This sneaker wins in terms of comfort,” writes one reviewer. “The footbed is phenomenal — just as comfy as my beloved Birkenstocks. I can walk for miles in these.” Others tend to agree, like this reviewer who says, “I have tried every shoe recommended for gals on their feet. I have spent hundreds on athletic shoes, walking shoes, clogs, etc. No shoe has ever been as comfortable as the Tanjun.” Reviewers also like that they’re good for travel: “They were easy to slip on and off when going through airport security. They were super-comfortable, lightweight, and great for walking while out sightseeing,” writes a reviewer who purchased them for a trip. And even one reviewer who says, “I have many foot problems, too numerous to bore you with,” calls them the “most comfortable shoes I’ve put on my funky feet in quite a while.”
$65 at Zappos
Best women’s Nike running shoes

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35
4.1 stars, 256 reviews
Beloved among runners for being both lightweight and cushioned, the Pegasus is a favorite of reviewers, as well. “I am an avid runner and have been doing half-marathons in these guys,” writes one reviewer, and another says, “running on these is a dream! There is plenty of cushion and plenty of responsiveness to keep my feet feeling comfortable throughout the duration of a run.” Even those who don’t run are fans, like this reviewer who says, “the style is off the chain!”
$120 at Zappos
Best women’s minimalist Nike running shoes

Nike Free RN 2018
$70 (was $100, now 30% off) 4.5 stars, 315 reviews
Lots of reviewers noted that these flexible running shoes “require no breaking in” and “are instantly comfortable.” A runner who’s on her “fourth or fifth pair,” says, “these are lightweight, comfortable, and not constraining while still offering sufficient sole protection for road (and gravel) running,” and another similarly says, “the lightweight material and flexibility gives you the support you need without added weight. It’s like walking on a cloud.”
$70 at Zappos
Best women’s Nike running shoes for overpronators

Nike Air Zoom Winflo 5
$68 (was $90, now 24% off) 4.6 stars, 224 reviews
“I have had a heck of a time finding shoes that work with overpronation,” writes a reviewer. “However, these shoes have changed my life! These shoes feel better than being barefoot. I can walk more than three miles a day without pain at all.” Others looking for a stability shoe (one that prevents the foot from rolling excessively inward which can cause pain and injuries), are just as happy with the Air Zoom Winflo. One reviewer says the “stability feels great and helps with overpronation,” and another writes, “they have the perfect amount of arch support and cushion to walk around all day and are excellent for running. I overpronate and these provided me enough stability without orthotics.”
$68 at Zappos
Best women’s lightweight Nike running shoes

Nike Run Swift
4.5 stars, 108 reviews
“I’ve been running in Asics for 10+ years but decided to make the switch to Nike and I do not regret it! These shoes provide just as much support without being so bulky,” writes one reviewer, and many more echo the sentiment that the Run Swift is a very comfortable running shoe in a lightweight package. “I feel like I’m walking on marshmallows,” says a reviewer, and this one likes that “they are light without being flimsy and they offer enough support for exercise.” A regular runner writes, “I’ve had shoes that were similarly lightweight, but they gave me shin splints, approaching a stress fracture, almost from the first day I got them. With these shoes, not only did the knee and ankle pain from my last pair clear up and not return, but I haven’t encountered any other issues either.”
$70 at Zappos
Best (less expensive) Nike women’s running shoes

Nike Revolution 4
4.3 stars, 260 reviews
If you’re looking for affordable shoes that can still handle serious running, the Revolution is a safe bet. A 70-year-old runner who runs “5-6 miles a day,” says it’s “the only running shoe I wear,” and that “no one can beat Nike for lightweight, cushioned, inexpensive running shoes.” Another reviewer says the Revolution was “exactly what I was looking for — a casual run-around shoe that wasn’t massive and didn’t cost an arm and a leg.”
$60 at Zappos
Best women’s everyday Nike shoes

Nike Roshe One
4.5 stars, 242 reviews
For a casual shoe for everyday wear, reviewers love the sleek-looking Roshe One. “They are both comfortable and really cute,” writes a reviewer. “These are going to be among my most favorite casual shoes.” Several reviewers “love that they were made to be worn with or without socks,” and more than a few agree with this reviewer, who says they’re “the most comfortable and stylish sneakers I’ve owned.” Finally, a Roshe One superfan admits, “I ordered 10 more pairs in different color combos!”
$75 at Zappos
Best women’s tennis-style Nike shoes

Nike Court Royale
$45 (was $55, now 18% off) 4.5 stars, 125 reviews
Reviewers find this shoe surprisingly stylish for a casual sneaker. “The simple, clean lines invoke a timeless tennis shoe look, and silver swoosh adds a little sparkle,” writes one buyer, and another calls them “attractive and very classic.” Lots agree with this reviewer who says, “these sneakers are fashionable and comfortable,” or as another reviewer puts it, “they are sleek and understated and different than all the Stan Smiths and Vans you see everywhere.”
$45 at Zappos
Best women’s Nike sandals

Nike Tanjun Sandal
4.6 stars, 199 reviews
Owners of these sandals love the sporty, strappy look along with how functional they are for warm weather activities. “These are extremely comfortable and make any outfit stylish and comfortable,” writes one reviewer. “I wear them all the time!” Another says, “I originally bought these in black and wore them ALL SUMMER last year. I work with kids and we’re doing all sorts of water activities, beach trips, and other things, and they are perfect.”
$45 at Zappos
Best women’s Nike slides

Nike Benassi Duo Ultra Slide
4.7 stars, 119 reviews
Like our top-rated style, this sandal is an easy-to-wear slide style that gets lots of praise from reviewers for its comfort and looks. “The sandal is fashionable,” writes one reviewer, “they are comfortable and cute,” and another calls them “super stylish and [they] stay on my feet better with the second band.” Others like that “you can wear them to the grocery store or to the beach,” and “you can get them wet and they dry pretty quick without the worry of any mildewy/moldy wet dog smell.”
$35 at Zappos

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