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The Adapted Bike Program ensures that children from 2-21 with physical disabilities know the simple joy of riding a bike.

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In 2021, we were able to fit over 250 kids with physical disabilities on adapted bikes. We are very grateful to the students, volunteers and staff for helping our members know the simple joy of riding a bike.

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Over 20 years of riding

Cerebral Palsy Kids and Families (CPKF) held its first Adapted Bike Clinic in 1999. It became the flagship program for the agency and allowed us to build community awareness, improve the lives of our members and cultivate partnerships with businesses and other non-profit agencies throughout Calgary. We have had the privilege of providing more than 1400 children the opportunity to experience the joy of riding a bike.

Children with neuromotor disabilities often experience compromised gross and fine motor skills due to brain damage. This means that riding a typical bike is simply not possible. However, with customized adaptations such as special seats, side stabilizing wheels, raised foot plates, specialized handlebars, and other features, these children are able to propel, steer and control a bike.

How our Adapted Bike Program works

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At various adapted bike clinics, children with neuromotor disabilities trial modified bicycles with qualified staff. Each bike will ultimately be custom adapted to the child’s specific needs. These adapted bicycles and tricycles can cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000 per bike, depending on adaptations and physical needs of the child.

The high costs of modified bikes make them unattainable for the average family caring for a special needs child and there is no government funding for recreation equipment like bicycles. We make the simple joy of riding a bike possible for every child who comes through our doors with a nominal annual fee.

Benefits of the Adapted Bike Program

The success of the program is evident in the smiles of children who are able to take part in neighborhood bike events, family outings and riding with friends in the community. The positive effects of bike riding are far reaching. It builds confidence, facilitates stretching, strengthening, muscle building, increases balance, promotes family wellness, and most importantly, allows children to have fun!

The reputation and credibility of the Adapted Bike Program has gained national recognition. The community has noticed that with specialized equipment, severely disabled children can know the joy and benefits of riding a bicycle. This important program opens conversations, facilitates inclusion and promotes overall health wellness.

Source Calgary Cerebral Palsy Association
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