Provoke™ ligament knee brace

Provoke™ – The first ligament knee brace to reproduce the natural movement of the knee. Osskin.

Built around human factors and ergonomics

Provoke is designed and engineered around each leg and patient’s needs, with the goal to maximize comfort and increase mobility.

Combining high performance aircraft-grade Polyamide 2200 material with software aided design, an ultra low-profile frame design, a hinge that tracks the natural motion of the knee, and the lightest engineered rigid ligament knee brace in the world, the Provoke is unlike any other knee brace.

The Provoke ligament knee brace is digitally modeled and personalized for each leg shape using OssKin’s proprietary software. This allows for an ultra-precise fit to any morphology and total surface contact for extra comfort and control. Once modeled to an individual leg, the brace parts are 3D printed in state-of the art machines used in the aerospace and medical industry.

Provoke™, an SLS 3D-printed knee brace for ligament deficiencies

Provoke is truly custom and digitally designed and 3D-printed for each individual patient’s leg that seeks to protect the knee’s deficient ligament throughout the three anatomical planes of movement without collateral effects. It features OssKin’s patented Asymmotion hinge system, that tracks the natural tridimensional motion of the knee thus not hindering the leg’s mobility.

Replicates the natural movement of the knee

Our patented Asymmotion™ helical hinge system replicates the knee’s normal 3D kinematics, ensuring natural internal and external rotation, abduction, and adduction as well as anteroposterior and vertical displacements of the knee. The smooth, fully fluid and natural motion helps reduce pain in other joints as well.

The world’s lightest ligament knee brace

Weighs 50% less than other ligament braces.

Perfect fit on all morphologies

Each leg gets its own unique brace thanks to our scan-to-print design using digital modeling and additive manufacturing.

No migration

Superior fit and precision leg-motion tracking ensure added hold that helps eliminate migration.

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