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Quell wearable pain relief approved

FDA News Device Daily Bulletin reports that NeuroMetrix begins shipping Quell device. NeuroMetrix reported Thursday that it has initiated its first Quell wearable pain relief device shipments to U.S. healthcare providers. The product … READ MORE

Perfect fit 3D printed leg brace

Knee ankle foot orthosis, KAFO – lightweight 3D printed brace cost-effectively customized for perfect fit. While we’ve previously heard how 3D printing methods change the way prosthetic devices are made – at extremely low … READ MORE

ArcticFlash Ice Hockey Sledge

A limited number of the fabled ArcticFlash™ Sledges are now in stock in Calgary. These exceptional ice hockey sledges were originally designed for the German Olympic Team by Otto Bock Healthcare GmbH. Replacement parts and … READ MORE

Rest assured, there is no ‘normal’ foot

Conventional wisdom assumed there was a normal foot position but recent research suggests there may not be a normal foot position. Benno Nigg. Jordan Siemens / Getty Images. At Braceworks, we treat medically diagnosed conditions … READ MORE

Reciprocating gait orthosis, RGO

Tania van Twisk, RGO 2014 RGOs are often prescribed for individuals with paralysis due to spinal cord injury or conditions like post-polio syndrome. RGOs have been successfully used for children with spina bifida starting as young as … READ MORE

Yoga practice enhances management of knee OA

Research suggests that a tailored yoga practice can help reduce pain and improve function in patients with knee osteoarthritis. Potential mechanisms include strengthening, improving flexibility, and altering gait biomechanics. by … READ MORE
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