Brain development

From birth to age 5, a child’s brain develops more than at any other time in life

A country for all children to thrive

As Canadians, we pride ourselves on our commitment to inclusion and diversity. Yet, when it comes to disabilities, this pride doesn’t match reality. Put simply – rather than inclusion, the every day experience of many … READ MORE

Understanding hypotonia

Diagnostic challenges should not delay clinical intervention. Hypotonia, or abnormally low muscle tone, is by itself not a disorder but a symptom of an enormous array of issues—many of which can be difficult to diagnose accurately. … READ MORE

Just a really happy baby

Isaac Heroux and his mom Julia Heroux at Isaac’s Walk, the first Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario Spirit Wheel Walk Run at Lemoine’s Point Conservation Area in Kingston, Ont. on Sunday June 26, 2016. … READ MORE

Cerebral palsy children are happy

Children with cerebral palsy are just as happy as children without the condition, a study has shown. Their physical impairment does not have a negative effect on their relationships, moods or welfare, researchers report in The Lancet. … READ MORE
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