Human factors

Designing products and systems to fit human bodies and cognitive ability

AFO friendly footplates for pedals

Spring Tune Up! Footplates for tricycles and bicycles, including installation provided compliments of Braceworks. No charge – call to schedule service for your bike. Lightweight and durable footplate design. Available in small, … READ MORE

Accessible Vehicle Solutions in Calgary

Life is a highway… we’ll get you there! Accessible Vehicle Solutions is opening the road to your freedom by providing an exceptional customer service experience. We are dedicated to providing up-to-date resources and … READ MORE

Will the Whill hi-tech wheelchair sell?

A Japanese startup is betting that an aging population of tech savvy first adopters will want their super-wheelchair. Whill To Rule: A wheelchair designed with techies in mind can make tight maneuvers. WHILL photo By Tam Harbert, IEEE … READ MORE

Martyn Ashton – Back on Track

Following his injury in 2013, Martyn Ashton, trials legend, creator of Road Bike Party 2, and, above all family man and bike rider, began his inspirational journey to get back on track. Joined by his friends Danny MacAskill, Chris … READ MORE

Controlling drop foot: beyond standard AFOs

The basic goal of orthotic management is to improve toe clearance during swing and provide stability during stance, but new technologies—from energy-storing composites to functional electrical stimulation—do much more. By Jeremy … READ MORE

Corrective chest surgery changed my life

Pectus excavatum surgery was the most painful experience of my life, but the self-confidence I gained made it worth it. Playing in the surf. Porto Covo, Portugal. Wikimedia Commons Tears rushed down my face as I looked at my … READ MORE

General fitness exercises

Fitness exercises are very important to keep your heart healthy. It can be as simple as walking a bit further or faster than normal. 2282-Keep-moving-inc-brochure-poster Swimming is an excellent all-round exercise for people with … READ MORE
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