Neurological conditions

MS liberation therapy fails the test

Canada has the highest rate of multiple sclerosis in the world. In 2009, Italian physician Paolo Zamboni published an explosive paper about a new treatment for MS, which became known as MS “liberation therapy.” For the … READ MORE

A country for all children to thrive

As Canadians, we pride ourselves on our commitment to inclusion and diversity. Yet, when it comes to disabilities, this pride doesn’t match reality. Put simply – rather than inclusion, the every day experience of many … READ MORE

Todd Stabelfeldt: Titan of tech

Todd Stabelfeldt is a busy man these days. When not traveling all over the country delivering powerful speeches like “Convenience for You is Independence for Me” — at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose last … READ MORE

Finding the positives

I have always thought that it is important to focus on the positives that you have in life, so when asked by Link Disability Magazine to write about this topic I was really happy to get involved! This is the first magazine article I … READ MORE

Connor needs help for new wheels

Connor Groenewoud just started junior high school this fall. And as the only boy in his entire school in a wheelchair, the 12-year old understands other students at times have trouble with the fact that he’s different. Sarah … READ MORE

The humble cervical collar gets an overhaul

by Gavin Corley, MedGadget on Apr 12, 2012 An undergraduate team of three mechanical engineering students and three biomedical engineering students have redesigned the common cervical collar to provide better stabilization for the … READ MORE
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