Heather Curilla BSc PT, Physiotherapy Consultant – Redcord Calgary

Children, youth, adults and seniors

Redcord is a multi-suspension exercise system used to activate and strengthen the muscles of the body. The suspension adds a new element to the treatment of injuries and pain by eliminating compensations and isolating key muscles used for functional movement, sport, or activity.

Heather Curilla’s practice in physiotherapy has changed with the advent of the Redcord suspension system. She has dedicated several years to expanding her learning on the Redcord, and now dedicates her practice to primarily treating with this system.

Heather is happy to introduce Redcord to the Calgary market as well as introduce her existing and new clients to this innovative assessment and treatment technique.

Heather is a physiotherapist with a diverse practice and interests in several areas. Heather has many years of experience as a physiotherapist in Calgary. She has taken numerous post-graduate courses and continues to develop her practice to offer new and innovative treatments for clients.

Heather is a certified Gunn IMS practitioner, and resident of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy. Heather’s latest qualification comes as a Neurac (Neuromuscular activation) Redcord practitioner, qualifying her to work with clients on the Redcord system.

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