AAOS Rehab and conditioning program

After an injury or surgery, an exercise conditioning program will help you return to daily activities and enjoy a more active, healthy lifestyle. Following a well-structured conditioning program will also help you return to sports and … READ MORE

Resistance exercise for spinal cord injury

Resistance training is important for persons with spinal cord injury, SCI. In general, regular resistance exercise improves one’s energy level and daily living, as well as enhancing body composition and overall motor function. A … READ MORE

Understanding ACL injury

Margot Putukian MD, FACSM Participating in exercise and sports is a positive experience and should be encouraged for everyone, regardless of age or sex. Unfortunately, sports related injuries can occur, including those that are more … READ MORE

Rest assured, there is no ‘normal’ foot

Conventional wisdom assumed there was a normal foot position but recent research suggests there may not be a normal foot position. Benno Nigg. Jordan Siemens / Getty Images. At Braceworks, we treat medically diagnosed conditions … READ MORE

Knee problems and injury

Treatment for a knee problem or injury may include first aid measures, rest, bracing, physiotherapy, medicine and in some cases, surgery. Treatment depends on the location, type, and severity of the injury as well as your age, … READ MORE

Arthritis Research UK exercise sheets

This series on practical exercise is a tribute to Arthritis Research UK, the leading UK funder of research into the cause, treatment and cure of arthritis. The guides included here were some ten years in the making. The common … READ MORE

How 3D printing can take your pain away

Foot orthotics, those moulded insoles that reduce the stress of injury or genetic misalignment, are wondrous things. Acquiring them, though, can be troublesome. Patients wade through a hard-to-navigate, expensive maze of appointments, … READ MORE

Hip conditioning and exercise

This is a general conditioning program that provides a wide range of exercises. To ensure that the program is safe and effective for you, it should be performed under your doctor’s supervision. Talk to your doctor or physical … READ MORE

Changes in multi-segment foot biomechanics

Figure 1. The semi-custom mouldable Softec Response orthotic used in the current study. Background Semi-custom foot orthoses (SCO) are thought to be a cost-effective alternative to custom-made devices. However, previous biomechanical … READ MORE

Some answers about foot orthotics

It’s one of those mysteries that has baffled runners and running doctors for decades: Why do orthotics work? University of Calgary Running Injury Clinic researchers examine effectiveness of shoe inserts, November 1, 2011. Orthotics … READ MORE
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