Lower Limbs

Bracing legs for mobility

One sexy walker!

I love how designer Manuel Hess put it… “a walker doesn’t have to look like a disease itself.” Harsh but SO true! His proposal for a walker, called PROSUS, ditches the stigma and is instead designed with dignity in mind. By … READ MORE

Standing wheelchairs rise to new heights

As someone who has resided on wheels for most of my young life, looking up at the rest of the world has sometimes left me yearning for a bullhorn to shout, “Hello up there! Remember me way down here!” By Maureen Gazda, New … READ MORE

Gaming camera could aid MS treatment

Kinect 3D camera used to assess walking of MS patients. In a recent issue of IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, researchers from McGill University in Canada describe the development of a gait assessment system based … READ MORE

Finding a footwear-AFO fit for kids

Finding shoes that fit over ankle foot orthoses (AFOs) is a challenge for thousands of children with neuromuscular disorders that affect walking ability. Parents have waited patiently while custom AFOs were molded and fitted, only to … READ MORE

Kids, clothes and AFOs: Finding the right fit

When a child is required to wear ankle foot orthoses (AFOs), his or her clothes have to be more than just cute. Trying to match the logistical requirements of AFOs with fashion concerns and psychosocial development can be a challenge … READ MORE

Hip brace for recovery after hip arthroscopy

Össur announced it has launched Rebound® Hip, a new lightweight brace for patients recovering from hip arthroscopy, gluteus medius repair or hamstring repair surgery, according to a company press release. Rebound’s universally … READ MORE
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