Health benefits: Coverage, access and service

Children, youth, adults and seniors

Health benefits coverage with public health and private insurance plans

Save money with your public health benefits coverage. Braceworks is an approved provider with

Expedite private insurance claims. Submit your receipt with a detailed biomechanical examination we provide for you during assessment.

The Program of Choice for Orthotics with Medavie Blue Cross serves the Canadian Armed Forces, Veterans Affairs Canada and the RCMP.

Save on your OA knee brace with Alberta Health benefits

Unloader knee braces for osteoarthritis are an eligible benefit with Alberta Health. Seniors (65+) are eligible for 100% coverage. Maximum deductible would not exceed $500 for individuals under age 65.

Call Braceworks 403-240-9100 to determine your eligibility. Request an appointment online.

Braces should be prescribed early in the course of the disease rather than using medication as the only intervention.

Timely access to orthotic care — no waiting list

New patients welcome — no referral required.

See you sooner rather than later. Schedule your preferred time and day of the week. Tune up your orthotics and save valuable time

Service — wear your new orthotics sooner

Custom made orthotics within 21 days of initial contact including 14 days from initial assessment to fitting.

On-site lab. We fit the orthotic to you so you don’t have to fit your feet to the orthotics.

Repairs while you wait, no appointment required, covered by insurance.

Requests for renewal of prescriptions

Save time by allowing us to chase the paper for you.

Treatment reports. Members of your rehab team, including your prescribing physician, are routinely informed of your treatment.

Free accessible parking at the door. Accessible via public transit. Free Wi-Fi.

Free AFO-friendly footplates installed on your bicycle or tricycle while you wait. Enjoy cycling with family and friends.

Located in the hub of the medical research community

Braceworks close proximity to the Child Development Centre and the Alberta Children’s Hospital saves you time.

We’ll co-ordinate your visit to Braceworks with your other appointments at the Child Development Centre, Alberta Children’s Hospital, Foothills Medical Centre and University of Calgary rehab facilities.

Weekly orthotic clinic in collaboration with Summit Physiotherapy in the Okotoks Recreation Centre. Save travel time with a location accessible to southern Calgary.

Community clinics in schools

Regular monthly orthotic clinics in collaboration with therapists at schools for children with special needs. Sa

ve time by registering your child for service in the comfort of familiar people and surroundings at school.

Braceworks Rehab Team

Well known and respected, qualified clinicians and technical staff with deep roots in the

rehabilitation community. We help people with movement disorders such as Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Polio, Post-Polio Syndrome, Spina Bifida, Osteoarthritis, Knee Ligament Instability, Autism, DownSyndrome, Club Foot, Stroke.

Pediatric Specialty

cayla-afos-45-of-53Kids are us! Rest assured with Braceworks on your team. You’re caring for your children with the most capable and competent senior clinicians in the community.



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