Relieve pain of osteoarthritis with a custom knee brace

OA is the leading cause of Total Knee Replacements and affects a third of people aged 65 and older. The incidence rate of this degenerative disease with no cure is growing.

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Top 2 custom knee braces we recommend to relieve pain of osteoarthritis
  1. Fusion OA® by BREG
  2. Custom Adjustable OA Defiance® by Donjoy

Enhance your quality of life by reducing knee pain and improving mobility with a custom knee brace. Braceworks qualified professionals specialize in custom knee bracing for the treatment of osteoarthritis. As Orthotists, our clinicians have exclusive access to the full range of custom knee braces to provide you with unbiased advice and assistance in choosing the best solution to meet your functional needs.

As an Approved Provider for AADL, we are uniquely qualified to assess your eligibility for coverage with these public insurance programs. Seniors aged 65 and older are cost-share exempt with AADL.

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