Custom knee brace

OA knee braces: Buying time

Long-term compliance data raise issues. A study published in the August issue of Orthopedics found that although un­loader braces effectively relieve pain and improve function in patients with unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis, … READ MORE

Pre-operative exercise boosts TKA outcomes

An evidence-based exercise regimen, designed to enhance knee strength and the ability to complete functional tasks, may speed recovery following total knee arthroscopy, TKA, in patients with knee osteoarthritis. Evoke unloading knee … READ MORE

Knee braces activate brain

A prototype ‘mini’ MRI scanner, developed by Imperial College London, that could be used for diagnosing knee injuries by Jordana Bieze Foster, Lower Extremity Review January 2010 fMRI confirms proprioceptive effects. Functional … READ MORE

Knee OA, biomechanics, and progression to TKA

Findings related to muscle activity during gait and progression to TKA may explain why interventions to improve joint stability can impact symptoms but not knee adduction moment (KAM). By Cheryl Hubley-Kozey PhD, and Gillian Hatfield … READ MORE

Determination of OA knee brace effectiveness

Osteoarthritic knee braces have been developed to lessen loads in the degenerative compartment while subsequently reducing knee pain in patients with uni-compartmental arthritis. Evoke™ knee brace highlights. OssKin The present … READ MORE

Brace therapy in uni-compartmental OA

Offloading strategies for knee osteoarthritis. Brace therapy plays an important role in conservative treatment of knee OA. Several types of braces are commercially available from multiple manufacturers; however, “unloading” braces … READ MORE

Orthotics part of arthritis treatment

Rheumatologists care for patients with assistive devices such as knee braces or foot orthotics. Although not involved in fitting patients with the appliances, rheumatologists still need to know how to manage these patients and … READ MORE

Assessing knee supports

How effective is wearing a stabilizing knee support? When you say “effective,” I assume that you’re asking how well a knee support can stabilize a wobbly knee or lessen the pain of an arthritic one. The answer, based on a large … READ MORE

A historical perspective of PCL bracing

Bradley Nash on the court during a volleyball game. Submitted photo by Bahram Mark Sobhani for the WAC – All Rights Reserved. Purpose Currently, there are many functional knee braces, but very few designed to treat the posterior … READ MORE
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