Looping the Olympic Peninsula

I have visited tropical rainforests, including the Amazon, but a temperate rainforest? I couldn’t picture it, much less a temperate rainforest within three hours of a major American city. Yet Washington’s Olympic Peninsula is home … READ MORE

Bluetooth – a technology with bite

Those familiar with this young column know that “the machine” represents the large or small barriers and roadblocks those of us with mobility disabilities have to overcome. Todd Stabelfeldt By Todd Stabelfeldt, New Mobility July … READ MORE

Switch Control changed my world

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to independently send my wife a text for the first time. Meet Todd Stabelfeldt. He’s been using Tecla since February 2014. We asked Todd to share with us his thoughts since introducing Tecla … READ MORE

Todd Stabelfeldt: Titan of tech

Todd Stabelfeldt is a busy man these days. When not traveling all over the country delivering powerful speeches like “Convenience for You is Independence for Me” — at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose last … READ MORE

A day in the life of four wheelers

Alex Ghenis, Paula Larson, Ian Jaquiss and Ellen Stohl are four very different people with disabilities — with one similarity in common: Each agreed to share a day of their lives, taking us on a tour of what do they do, where they … READ MORE

SCI life: Accessibility pioneer

The world that existed before the ADA is still fresh in the mind of J.R. Harding. Paralyzed in a 1982 schoolyard fight, Harding, a C5 quadriplegic, had to work hard for the life he wanted. A friend of high-profile politicians, a … READ MORE

Big data in healthcare goes far beyond EHR

Big data has applications in medtech that extend far beyond electronic health records. An analytics expert explains how data and algorithms have the potential to create a neuroassistive device to help paralyzed patients. In 2014, Ian … READ MORE
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