Americans with Disabilities Act, USA

How to support workers with disabilities

All employees deserve access to tools to succeed at work. Disabilities offer a challenge for job seekers and the workplace. After spending 75 days in the hospital, 12 of which were in a coma, and then several months after that in a … READ MORE

I don’t want to be ‘inspiring’

One of my most memorable moments in high school came during my freshman year. A motivational speaker was addressing us in a huge assembly. I was seated with one of my best friends at the front of the auditorium, and the whole group … READ MORE

iPad opens world to a disabled boy

OWEN CAIN depends on a respirator and struggles to make even the slightest movements — he has had a debilitating motor-neuron disease since infancy. Intuitive nature of technology. By Emily B. Hager, The New York Times October 29, … READ MORE
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