Human factors

Designing products and systems to fit human bodies and cognitive ability

The future of inclusive fashion is here

Open Style Lab’s ten-week interdisciplinary research program teams designers, engineers, and occupational therapists to create wearable solutions with and for clients with disabilities. Open Style Lab 2016 fellows and clients. New … READ MORE

MIT’s new wheelchair drives itself

For all the talk of self-driving vehicles revolutionizing transportation, the technology promises to do even more for the elderly and disabled by allowing them to enjoy sustained independence. Autonomous vehicles will allow aging Baby … READ MORE

The iBOT is the superhero of wheelchairs

Toyota and Segway inventor Dean Kamen have teamed to produce this stair-climbing, self-balancing, all-terrain mobility ninja. iBOT – An advanced mobility system restoring freedom and dignity. DEKA Research BBC 25 May 2016 A … READ MORE

Fixing electronic health records is good

Adding scribes is even better. Scribe Warren Lam (right) works on notes, as attending physician Dr. Laura Burke (center) and Dr. Daniel Willner discuss a patient case, at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Emergency Department on … READ MORE

OpenNotes reaches 10 million

The OpenNotes movement is excited to share a milestone — 10 million Americans can now read their medical notes securely online. Overwhelmingly, patients agree that reading their notes helps them feel more in control of their health … READ MORE

Letting patients read the doctor’s notes

The patient, a wiry businessman in his 50s, needed a copy of his medical records to bring to a specialist for a second opinion. He assumed that getting the copies would be straightforward; the records were, after all, his. By Pauline … READ MORE

Accessible Vehicle Solutions in Calgary

Life is a highway… we’ll get you there! Accessible Vehicle Solutions is opening the road to your freedom by providing an exceptional customer service experience. We are dedicated to providing up-to-date resources and … READ MORE

Will the Whill hi-tech wheelchair sell?

A Japanese startup is betting that an aging population of tech savvy first adopters will want their super-wheelchair. Whill To Rule: A wheelchair designed with techies in mind can make tight maneuvers. WHILL photo By Tam Harbert, IEEE … READ MORE
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