Public health

Technology tackles healthcare corruption

Mobile phone technology could help beat bad practices in healthcare delivery, research suggests. Innovations such as apps offer opportunities for improving governance in the healthcare sector, particularly in low and middle income … READ MORE

When the barriers aren’t just physical

Entering the playground, I heard a boy call my son’s name. We turned and saw one of his classmates running toward us. “We’re playing soccer! Wanna be on my team?” Illustration by Giselle Potter By Sandra Joy Stein, The New … READ MORE

OpenNotes reaches 10 million

The OpenNotes movement is excited to share a milestone — 10 million Americans can now read their medical notes securely online. Overwhelmingly, patients agree that reading their notes helps them feel more in control of their health … READ MORE

Cover lets household drills into surgery

A sterile cover for hardware-store drills, which allows them to be used in operating rooms, is one of several innovations that the Grand Challenges of Canada program has chosen to support financially. A sterile cover for … READ MORE

SCI life: Accessibility pioneer

The world that existed before the ADA is still fresh in the mind of J.R. Harding. Paralyzed in a 1982 schoolyard fight, Harding, a C5 quadriplegic, had to work hard for the life he wanted. A friend of high-profile politicians, a … READ MORE

Stop the privatization of health data

Tech giants moving into health may widen inequalities and harm research, unless people can access and share their data, warn John T. Wilbanks and Eric J. Topol. Open Effect, a non-profit applied research group that focuses on digital … READ MORE

Neuropsych — our experience

When our doctors first started talking about visiting a Neuropsych, they were having conversations with each other, while we were in the room. “Do you think a neuropsych would help?” … “Yes, but not yet…” or “Has he … READ MORE

When doctors have conflicts of interest

My mother-in-law is an impressive woman. At the age of 77, she still maintains a garden the size of my entire backyard, on the three acres of land she and my father-in-law, now 81, share in rural western Pennsylvania. Dave Mosher … READ MORE

Telemedicine sucks as much as in-person care

Telemedicine proponents have argued for years that virtual care is at least as effective as in-person care delivered in a traditional clinical setting. Based on new research, they may be more right than they had thought. Neil Versel, … READ MORE
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